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 [3.11.08]S.H.E Ella wears only Tulle to take picture

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PostSubject: [3.11.08]S.H.E Ella wears only Tulle to take picture   Mon Nov 03, 2008 8:56 pm


S.H.E日前參加Hit Fm和「東風娛樂通」合作的「Hito同學會」。S.H.E不虧為女子天團,同學會現場來了將近20位歌迷,擠爆攝影棚,當中還包含了香港歌迷以及行動不便的歌迷,而且S.H.E男女通殺,現場有參與活動的女歌迷獲得親吻Selina的機會,竟在親吻之前大喊:「Selina,我真的好喜歡妳喔!」

S.H.E 的最新專輯是以電台為概念,所以現場特別準備國台英三種語言的繞口令來測試S.H.E的口條,三個人唸的2266,讓主持人阿娟忍不住笑說:「口齒伶俐可不一定代表口條流利喔!」而在矇眼幫歌迷畫口紅的遊戲,Ella獲得最多歌迷支持,她開心笑說:「我把她畫的好像小燕姐喔,沒想到我畫的這麼好耶!」至於最輸的Selina則要接受嘴巴塗滿口紅的歌迷在脖子上親一下,只見Ella和Hebe竟在一旁演起吻戲,指導歌迷要怎麼親Selina。


S.H.E的歌迷一向都很聽話且有秩序,但偶而還是會碰到激動的歌迷,這時候就有勞工作人員幫忙勸導。Hebe 表示其實她很能體會瘋狂歌迷的心情,因為她曾在某個頒獎典禮碰到偶像王菲,情緒也是很激動甚至哭了出來:「而且因為之後還要表演,所以我哭的時候還把整顆頭朝下,怕把妝給弄花了。」一旁的Ella 和Selina則是笑說:「當時王菲的工作人員應該也是勸導妳不要那麼激動吧!」

【2008-11-03 Hitoradio】

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PostSubject: Re: [3.11.08]S.H.E Ella wears only Tulle to take picture   Tue Nov 04, 2008 9:22 pm

[3.11.08]S.H.E Ella wears only Tulle to take picture

Note: Please credit jastan87 of CEFC for translation of article and do not edit any parts of this article. Please quote this translated article (including this note) in its entirety. Thank you for your co-operation.

Recently S.H.E participated in Hito Class Gathering by Hit Fm and Azio Entertainment Expert. S.H.E is really the top female band, nearly 20 fans turned up for the program and burst the studio, among them were also fans from Hong Kong and disabled fans. S.H.E is also a killer of both the female and the male sexes; there were female fans present who got the chance to kiss Selina after participating in an event, before kissing she shouted, Selina, I really like you!

S.H.E latest album is a radio station concept, so 3 tongue twisters in Chinese, Taiwanese and English were set to test S.H.E, however the three of them did not performed well, even the host Ah Kuan teased them, Being sharp doesnt mean being fluent! During a game where they had to blindfold and helped fans to apply lipstick, Ella got the most support from fans, she said happily, I drew until she looks like Xiao Yan jie (famous host Zhang Xiao Yan), cant believe that I drew so well! As for Selina who lost she had to accept the kiss from the fan who had lipstick all over her mouth to kiss on her neck, Ella and Hebe started directing from the side, telling the fan how to kiss Selina.

The three of them who loves to act were asked what character they would like to try out next, Ella said that she wants to act a uglier role, like Chicken sister in God of Cookery, Hebe who was at a side was asked if she was afraid to act such role, Hebe said generously, What is there to be afraid of, Im usually very bubbly! Selina who looks pretty on the outside wants to try the role of a psycho killer, Because I dont like to watch horror movies, so I want to experience it through acting.

S.H.E fans are obedient and have order most of the time, but once in a while they will meet excited fans, then this time they would have to trouble the crew to help advice. Hebe said that actually she can understand the feelings of crazy fans, because she once met her idol Faye Wong at an award ceremony and she was so excited that she cried, And because after that we still have performance, so when I cried I had to bend my head down to avoid ruining the make-up. Ella and Selina who was beside smiled and said, That time Faye Wongs crew should have also advice you not to be so excited!

Because fans had been supporting S.H.E, so S.H.E also looks after their fans, Ella once helped a fan did foot massage on a program, Ella smiled and said, After massaging, I felt something wet, because the fan was so nervous that her feet was sweating! Besides Selina also disclosed that she always acted as photographer to help Ella take sexy pictures for the fans benefit, and Hebe knows how to arrange special pose, for example wearing only Tulle to take photos, reveal sexy figure, Ella was so scared that she immediately explained, I cant possibly post those photos online, and I feel that Hebe is weird, where did she get so many crazy ideas for me to do such weird poses! She also said jokingly, But those photos are really beautiful, I wish to put it up on my funeral, anyway Im already gone so I wont feel embarrassed.
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New Ella's Fans
New Ella's Fans

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PostSubject: Re: [3.11.08]S.H.E Ella wears only Tulle to take picture   Sat Nov 08, 2008 3:21 am

I would love to see that pic heheheh
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PostSubject: Re: [3.11.08]S.H.E Ella wears only Tulle to take picture   

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[3.11.08]S.H.E Ella wears only Tulle to take picture
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