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 Ella and Hebe Bring Birthday Presents To Beijing For Selina

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PostSubject: Ella and Hebe Bring Birthday Presents To Beijing For Selina   Sat Oct 25, 2008 7:39 am

Ella and Hebe Bring Birthday Presents To Beijing For Selina; Birthday Girl Will Throw Party When She Returns To Taiwan
Date: October 24, 2008
News Source: ChinaTimes, http://asianfanatics.net/forum/
Translation Credit: tammiest @ http://asianfanatics.net/

* Please credit accordingly if/when posting elsewhere. Thank you!

Selina's birthday is on the 31st; on the 23rd, S.H.E. held a press conference for their album release in Beijing. Fans presented her with a Hello Kitty birthday cake; bandmates Ella and Hebe gave her "famous label" presents. Selina will still be in Mainland China on the actual day of her birthday... did her rumored boyfriend, lawyer 張承中 Chang ChengZhong, help her celebrate early? She used "Before I left, I was busy with the concert and packing. I haven't celebrated my birthday yet" to dodge the question.

Selina did add, however, that she would celebrate her birthday with her friends when she returned to Taiwan after the 3rd of next month (November). She would throw a huge theme party... and is 張承中 Chang ChengZhong included in her group of "friends?" Selina, who hasn't "admitted" to this love or relationship, refused to say any more.

Hebe and Ella had prepared presents in advance for Selina; Hebe secretly bought a pair of heels in Selina's favorite style at Givenchy in Taipei. She brought the shoes to the Mainland with her secretly in order to surprise Selina; she could then wear her new presents back to Taiwan. Ella, meanwhile, took advantage of their layover in Hong Kong, strolling with Selina from one name brand store to the next. In the end, Ella quickly and happily footed the bill for the Prada bag of Selina's choice.

While in the Mainland, the three girls were given a chance to interview the 2000 Sprite "Olympics" 10-meter diving champion (doubles), 桑雪 Sang Xue, at the press conference. They were all very nervous; rather unexpectedly, 桑雪 Sang Xue turned out to be an S.H.E. fan, and she wound up asking many questions herself. This made them shout, "It's like 桑雪 Sang Xue is the host instead!"
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Ella and Hebe Bring Birthday Presents To Beijing For Selina
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