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 S.H.E Hectic Promotion Schedule to Begin in China

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PostSubject: S.H.E Hectic Promotion Schedule to Begin in China   Thu Oct 23, 2008 5:04 pm

Note: Please credit syyang of Baidu Ella Forum and do not edit any part of this translated article if it's transferred elsewhere .Please quote this article in it's entirety .Thank you for your full co-operation

S.H.E Hectic Promotion Schedule to Begin in China
Debut Autograph Session in Beijing on 24 October 2008

SHE’s webcast – “FM SHE” has reaped unparallel success. Last evening on 19 Oct, Miss Universe – SHE rode on the happy waves of “FM SHE” to organize the “SHE Top Girl – New Songs Concert in Taipei” in the National Taiwan Normal University – NTNU’s Stadium (Shi Fan University Stadium). Their splendid songs and dance performance won over the crowd. Good friend, Zhang Xuan and their junior, Judy Zhou Ding Wei also lend their support. Zhang Xuan’s unplugged segment with SHE showcased a different side of S.H.E’s songs, adding new emotions and experiences. Meanwhile, later in the same week, S.H.E will continue their hectic album promotions for “FM SHE” in China. Starting on 24 Oct, SHE will hold their debut autograph session for “FM SHE” in Beijing!

Last evening’s concert was the first time Selina returned to her university after graduation. Selina admitted that she was very nervous and said, “The last time I stepped into the stadium was for the graduation convocation. Everything seems like it happened yesterday; but in fact, it was over so many years already.” On the other hand, this was also the first time NTNU loaned its stadium to artistes for concert, hence S.H.E created another first.

The concert started off with a spark of creativity. Only S.H.E’s voices were heard vaguely amidst a chorus of radio broadcasts. Eventually, Miss Universe – SHE finally found the frequency wave that belongs to them. When S.H.E’s silhouette appeared behind a white screen, the crowd’s deafening cheers nearly blew the roof of the NTNU Stadium apart. Donned in futuristic-looking silver costumes, SHE started to sing their new hit song – Miss Universe and showed off their robotic dance moves. Next up was the lively song – I Love Troubles. The newly choreographed dance moves also made this song more interesting. After the song, “Martians” suddenly invaded the Stadium. To everyone’s relief, they were street performers in disguise. Then they joined S.H.E on stage to sing – I Am Martian. This led all the audience into a joyous mood. Shortly after the “Martians” left, the Little Prince from - Planet 612, came on stage. S.H.E accepted the rose from the Little Prince and savored the sweet romance in their hearts.

Zhang Xuan’s unplugged segment was undoubtedly another climax in the concert. S.H.E shared that they once made a pact with Zhang Xuan to work together in their future concert. Hence upon confirmation of their concert, they immediately extended the invitation to Zhang Xuan. S.H.E was greatly moved by Zhang Xuan when she agreed without hesitation. With the happy mood after receiving the rose from the Little Prince, and in addition to Zhang Xuan’s pure, unpretentious vocals and guitar accompaniment, S.H.E and Zhang Xuan sang a duet for the song – Baobei. It was very heartwarming and sweet. After Zhang Xuan’s song, the group then unraveled another surprise for the audience by singing SHE’s – Electrified. With the simple accompaniment of the guitar, the song – Electrified, has a new makeover. Fans were attracted and enjoyed the song very much and joined the artistes in singing aloud.

After some hot dance moves, S.H.E changed into cool black costumes to come on stage again. Selina’s “Panther’s Fist”, Hebe’s “Cricket’s Fist” and Ella’s “Tiger Fist” all highlighted their style and gusto when singing the song – Girls Ought To Be Strong. With the song, SHE urged all girls in love, to triumph over the bad guys and stand up for themselves bravely. After this song, SHE sang the sentimental – Moonlight Manual and the eastern R&B genre’s – Waiter. While fans were still indulging in SHE’s beautiful vocals, the atmosphere suddenly turned high again with a series of medley from – Don’t Wish To Grow Up, Persian Cat, IOIO. Fans could no longer hold back and all got onto their feet to dance along with the music.

Having just rushed to SHE’s concert from Tai Chong’s “Star 4 You School Concert”, Judy Zhou Ding Wei also sang his new song – Lonely Box Room. The medium slow song with its strong beat and a mixture of R&B and Chinese genres, coupled with Zhou Ding Wei’s slick dance moves and burst of energy, fully displayed his dancing and singing capabilities and won the applause of all the audience.

Onstage once again, S.H.E now donned classic and elegant blue and white costumes. Usually seen in sport shoes, Ella actually wore heels instead, and instantly reveals much femininity even in the way she walked onstage. Ella shared, as the 2 following songs – Already Silent and Highway Exit By The Sea; are songs which are sentimental and require little actions, hence she dared to wear heels. Finally S.H.E said, “FM SHE hopes to spread joy and hope. Other than singing the new songs from the album, they also wish to bring hope and energy to all with many of their earlier songs.” Therefore in the medley of – Listen To Angels Sing, Magic, Golden Steel Shield Vest and Belief, the “SHE Top Girl – New Songs Concert” came to a successful closing.

The concert of 2 hours, 18 songs has an estimated production cost of NT$8,000,000. The stage itself already accounted for NT$5,000,000, while S.H.E’s 3 sets of grand costumes cost almost NT$700,000. The 23 dancers have an estimated cost of NT$800,000 and other miscellaneous amount up to NT$1,500,000.

translated by : syyang of Baidu Ella Forum
credits : Baidu Ella Forum, Sina and mcleen of asianfanatics
original source : http://ent.sina.com.cn/y/2008-10-20/16342213099.shtml

credits : Baidu Ella Forum , Baidu CE , Ella's AF thread and as tagged for the pictures posted .
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S.H.E Hectic Promotion Schedule to Begin in China
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