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 [09.10.08]S.H.E criticised for saying Twins no longer exists

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PostSubject: [09.10.08]S.H.E criticised for saying Twins no longer exists   Fri Oct 10, 2008 11:26 pm

S.H.E 指 Twins 已 不 存 在 遭 狂 轟

Twins 有 望 最 快 明 年 便 會 再 度 合 作 出 唱 片 。






original link : http://www.singtao.com.hk/yesterday/ent/1009fo01.html


[09.10.2008] S.H.E said that Twins is no longer around and was criticisized

Note: Please credit jastan87 of CEFC for translation of article and do not edit any parts of this article. Please quote this translated article (including this note) in its entirety. Thank you for your co-operation.

Taiwan female group S.H.E specially opened their own radio station to promote their new album FM S.H.E and invited their friends in the entertainment circle to talk. Last Friday they interviewed Cai Kang Yong, when Cai Kang Yong said that the most popular female group now in the Mandarin industry is Twins, S.H.E immediately asked, Arent they not around already? After this was said, it immediately got angry response from Twins fans, all of them rushed to the forum and scolded S.H.E and they even want S.H.E do make a public apology.

S.H.E own station which on 23 September will invite their friends in the entertainment circle to accept their interview. During the program on 3 October, S.H.E invited entertainment program host Cai Kang Yong to be their special guest. When S.H.E asked Cai Kang Yong who is the most popular female group now in the Mandarin industry, he was not able to answer at the moment, then S.H.E warned Cai Kang Yong to think carefully before answering the question, in the end Cai Kang Yong answered Twins. After S.H.E heard the answer, member Selina asked, They are not around already right? In front of all listeners they said that Twins had already disbanded and can only cherish the memory of them. This part of sensitive interview was immediately spread on the internet, hence many of Twins fans immediately supported their idol in the forum, someone even scolded S.H.E for saying things openly without thinking of the consequences and even want them to apologize for saying the wrong things.

As the two dancing female groups S.H.E and Twins were always being compared by the media, hence when S.H.E mentioned about their competitor Twins in their territory the topic naturally became sensitive, especially when words like not around, disband were mentioned, because Twins have not officially announced that they have disband hence fans will naturally be more agitated. Recently the scolding of S.H.E by Twins fans were getting rough, the words they said were overboard. Someone said that S.H.E has no looks and brains, take innocence as cute, only know how to chit-chat when they on the microphone, their speech has no quality. The blunder S.H.E has made this time has obviously made Twins fans very furious.

With regards to this incident, S.H.E has made replies yesterday through their company and explained that they had saw reports from the media previously which said that Twins had disbanded. If there is no such incident, they hope to see new works by Twins soon.

Huo Han Xi (Mani) said that S.H.E are little kids, and should not be blamed for things that they do not know, dont need the other party to apologize. She strongly emphasized that Twins is a type of spirit, forever will not disband, outsiders dont understand this meaning, cant blame them.

credit: CEFC
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PostSubject: Re: [09.10.08]S.H.E criticised for saying Twins no longer exists   Sun Oct 12, 2008 4:52 pm

Twins fans demand an apology from S.H.E

Since the Edison sex scandal, the image of Twins have been affected because of Gillian (Ah Gill). She hasn't been out in the public eye for a while and Charlene (Ah Sa) has been busy coping on her own. There has been reports that Twins would be back together next year. At the same time, the girl band S.H.E was reportedly said on (FM S.H.E) that "Twins have disappeared and they don't exist any more. We can only remember them." As a result, Twins fans were furious about the comment and they demand an apology from S.H.E.

The Taiwanese media wanted to clarify that report. Although S.H.E hasn't replied directly, a spokesperson speaking on their behalf of the company replied "It was from the news that they knew about the disband of Twins. If that is not true, let's hope we can see Twins new record again soon."

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[09.10.08]S.H.E criticised for saying Twins no longer exists
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