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 [3.10.08]S.H.E sings non stop on guess guess guess, jacky wu...

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PostSubject: [3.10.08]S.H.E sings non stop on guess guess guess, jacky wu...   Sat Oct 04, 2008 3:22 pm

[2008.10.03]S.H.E我猜K歌 憲哥讚老歌好聽
S.H.E我猜K歌 憲哥讚老歌好聽





credit babyval of CEFC

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New Ella's Fans
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PostSubject: Re: [3.10.08]S.H.E sings non stop on guess guess guess, jacky wu...   Tue Oct 07, 2008 11:14 pm


taken from: Baidu Ella. Please credit this source if you transferred elsewhere, thank you

SHE Sings on The Guess Show, Xian-Ge Praises Old Melodies

When Local King Jacky Wu (aka Xian-ge) meets Heavenly Female Group SHE, he was momentarily stunned and even got teased as getting dementia?!

The Guess Show invited SHE to host the segment for Who is the King of K-song and during the openings introduction,
Xian-ge was distracted and repeatedly asked SHE on their albums title. Selina then laughed at him, Xian-ge, you already asked for that just now.
You seemed to have grown senile like that. ELLA, by the side then added teasingly, Xian-ge, to think that we held you in such high esteem in the past.
In response, Jacky Wu retorted at ELLA who was wearing boy-style leather shoes.
I feel the company wasnt that good to you. Look at the 2 of them who gets to wear such pretty heels, while the company only give you clownish looking shoes.
ELLA bashful comeback to Wu was, This is the most expensive pair, cost over NT$ 10,000.

While hosting the singing segment, the trio displayed their perfect harmonising vocals. They left the audience totally indulged not only
with their songs but also many other pop songs, the audience were thrilled and said, Its beautiful, just like watching a concert! Then
the trio sang some golden melodies such as Cai Hong Ling, Nian Qing Bu Yao Liu Bai etc and Jacky Wu was so stunned that he kept
exclaiming, Why do you all sound so nice even singing oldies. Looks like the 3 girls have really grown up and can consider releasing more folksongs in their album.

However when the trio was saying Sky Wus signature song, Te Bie De Ai Gei Te Bie De Ni, they actually were so into it that they ended up finishing the whole song.
Wu then pretended to be angry and said, You girls finished the whole song, how do you expect others to play and continue it?
To this, Hebe retorted, We are the ones hosting the segment, and will do what we deem fit.
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[3.10.08]S.H.E sings non stop on guess guess guess, jacky wu...
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