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 [1.10.08]S.H.E endorses for Taipei Walker, donates items for charity

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PostSubject: [1.10.08]S.H.E endorses for Taipei Walker, donates items for charity   Wed Oct 01, 2008 3:18 pm

[2008.10.01] S.H.E為Taipei Walker代言 捐物品義賣做公益
青年日報 記者周毓洵/台北報導


「就愛到處吃,就愛到處跑」的「Taipei Walker」九歲了!同樣對吃喝玩樂都相當講究的S.H.E跟Taipei Walker緣分很深,所以,特地邀請對於吃喝玩樂有自己一定堅持選擇的「玩樂教主」天后團體S.H.E為「Taipei Walker」九週年十月號封面人物及代言人。

拍攝封面照當天當S.H.E知道優惠超值到「免費吃、五折起」這訊息,S.H.E高興的猛擺介紹美食的POSE,Ella當場就激動的說:「要買二十本為家人及公司同事謀福利,景氣不佳,拿『Taipei Walker』以小博大最超值,一天排一家優惠餐廳,大家整個十月吃喝不用愁啦!」

除了登上週年慶封面,S.H.E也將出席十月五日在信義A13停車場的「Taipei Walker跳蚤市場節」活動,並擔任活動大使,倡導資源再利用的概念。S.H.E將提供個人貼身物品義賣,希望可以讓這些可愛的東西找到適合的主人,也可以將所得拿來幫助需要的人,歡迎所有朋友一起到現場參加義賣競標,不但可以把S.H.E貼身物品帶回家珍藏,義賣所得也將全數捐贈「兒童福利聯盟文教基金會」,一起作善事!

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New Ella's Fans
New Ella's Fans

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PostSubject: Re: [1.10.08]S.H.E endorses for Taipei Walker, donates items for charity   Wed Oct 01, 2008 10:46 pm

[1.10.08]S.H.E endorses for Taipei Walker, donates items for charity

Note: Please credit jastan87 of CEFC for translation of article and do not edit any parts of this article. Please quote this translated article (including this note) in its entirety. Thank you for your co-operation.

‘Taipei Walker’ who ‘just loves to eat, just loves to run around’ is 9 years old! S.H.E who also loves to eat and play have a deep fate with ‘Taipei Walker’, hence we specially invited popular group S.H.E to be the October issue cover story and endorser for the 9th birthday.

On the day of shooting for the cover, S.H.E heard news about ‘Eat for free, start from 50% discount’, S.H.E pose happily as they introduce the delicious food, Ella said excitedly, “Want to buy 20 copies for family and company colleagues to enjoy the benefit, the economy is not good, use ‘Taipei Walker’ to exchange for a big one is worth it, queuing to get discount at one restaurant a day, everyone need not worry about food for the whole of October!”

Besides being on the cover of the anniversary issue, S.H.E will be attending the ‘Taipei Walker Flea Market Day’ on 5 October at the A13 carpark of Xinyi District to be the spokesperson and initiate the concept of reusing resources. S.H.E will provide their own items for charity, hopefully these cute stuff can find a suitable owner, and can also use the proceeds to help the needy, welcome everyone to be present to take part in the auction. Not only can you bring home S.H.E personal items for keeping, the proceeds of the charity sale will be donated to ‘Child Welfare League Foundation’, come and do charity together!
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[1.10.08]S.H.E endorses for Taipei Walker, donates items for charity
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