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 [27.11.07] Ella and Ah Wei Play

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PostSubject: [27.11.07] Ella and Ah Wei Play   Wed Oct 01, 2008 9:45 am

Translated by: SHE11x. @ http://www.asianfanatics.net
Credits: http://udn.com/NEWS/ENTERTAINMENT/ENT7/4115562.shtml

Ella and the guys of Mou Fang Bang Bang Tang were playing "Zi De Lian" (older girl, younger male relationship). Ella, who is currently single, told them what were the qualities she was looking for in her other half to find Mr. Right. The MFBBT boys tried their hardest to impress her, such as holding hands, hugging, etc making Ella very embarrassed/shy.

Ella went to Channel V "Mou Fang Bang Bang Tang" variety show and had close contact with the MFBBT boys. She hopes that "her other half is good-looking, and the two of them must be 'xing ling xiang tong' (T/N: sort of like they know what each other is thinking) and must share their inner thoughts with each other." Her words attracted a lot of the guys and tried to see who could get Ella's heart.

Wang Zi bravely admitted that he liked Ella and had made the picture taken of him and Ella before on his cellphone wallpaper. Him and Mao Di (Wang Zi's brother) also sung the duet "Zhuang Shu Tian Shi" for Ella and electrified her, causing Ella to lift up her scarf and cover her face. She exclaimed loudly, "It's too deep, very shy!"

To take one step further in having contact with Ella, MFBBT took on the challenge "Princess-Style Carry". Ah Wei was chosen by Ella and she was worried that she might be too heavy and he might not be able to carry her. But Ah Wei lifted her up and turned her around for nearly 1 minute, causing Ella to be more embarrassed/shy and yelled stop. Ah Wei said, "Ella is very skinny and smells good," making Ella very happy. "You guys really know how to tease older females,"

Later, Wei Lian and Ella acted out a play "Boyfriend Needs To Go To Military". Ella improvised her own funny line saying, "You must be careful when taking a shower, don't turn to pick up the soap." Wei Lian almost laughed and said, "I know, I'll use liquid soap then," The two's conversation was very funny and everybody laughed.


It is actually an old news...

happened on November 27, 2007

Very Happy

do you have a video of this show?

I really want to watch it!

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[27.11.07] Ella and Ah Wei Play
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