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 [30.9.08]Channel V: Mo Fan Bang Bang Tang - S.H.E challenges new things

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PostSubject: [30.9.08]Channel V: Mo Fan Bang Bang Tang - S.H.E challenges new things   Wed Oct 01, 2008 5:00 am

[2008.09.30] CHANNEL[V]【模范棒棒堂】S.H.E.節目挑新菜



S.H.E. CHANNEL[V]【模范棒棒堂】挑看對眼的新男孩,Selina幫阿良溫柔按摩、Hebe跟小樂十指緊扣、ELLA被丸子新娘抱抱的有夠膽顫心驚! CHANNEL[V]【模范棒棒堂】在第一屆男孩畢業後,目前由第二屆男孩成為節目主角,而這也是S.H.E在第二屆男孩豋場後第一次上節目,男孩們跳舞、魔術、跆拳道,連用鼻孔吹氣球都出現了,賣力演出就是希望能獲得S.H.E.能站在她們三個身邊,名額只有6位,競爭異常激烈。


最後僅剩三位幸運兒能跟S.H.E.進一步接觸,Selina幫阿良溫柔的按摩太陽穴,阿良一副「茫酥酥」的笑容,害Selina好害羞。Hebe則是跟酷似余文樂的小樂來段情侶熱戀不可少的十指緊扣,讓兩個人不敢互看只敢頭低低,讓其他男孩好羨慕。而Ella和稱配的丸子抽到新娘抱,目前51公斤的 Ella深怕身型有點受的丸子撐不住,讓她好擔心,為了順利讓丸子抱起只見Ella助跑後奮力一跳騰空飛起,丸子趁機一把抱住,兩個人馬上變成新郎抱著新娘的甜蜜景象。

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New Ella's Fans
New Ella's Fans

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PostSubject: Re: [30.9.08]Channel V: Mo Fan Bang Bang Tang - S.H.E challenges new things   Thu Oct 09, 2008 9:59 pm

[30.9.08]Channel V: Mo Fan Bang Bang Tang - S.H.E challenges new things

Note: Please credit jastan87 of CEFC for translation of article and do not edit any parts of this article. Please quote this translated article (including this note) in its entirety. Thank you for your co-operation.

Selinas massage skills make the boys numb, Hebe felt electric sparks when interlocking fingers with the boys, Ella sore in the sky, wants to be carried in bridal-style.

[caption] Ah Liang (left) is so fortunate to be massaged by Selina gently.

S.H.E, CHANNEL [V] Mo Fan Bang Bang Tang challenged the new boys to find one that suits their eye. Selina gently helps Ah Liang to massage, Hebe and Xiao Le interlocked their fingers together, Ella was more daring and was carried bridal-style by Wan Zi! After the first batch of boys graduated from CHANNEL [V] Mo Fan Bang Bang Tang, now the second batch of boys has become the programs leads, and this is also the first time S.H.E is appearing on the program after the second batch took over. The boys dance, did magic, did taekwondo, and even used their nostrils to blow balloons; their aim of performing so hard is to have a chance to stand behind S.H.E. However there were only 6 places so the competition was especially tough.

Faced with young handsome guys around the age of 20, S.H.E listed out the conditions of the man they like. Selina wants macho guys, Hebe wants guys with distinctive features, Ella wants guys that are handsome. The first to appear was Ah Liang who did a handsome dance move, when he heard that Selina likes macho guys, he immediately took off his top and walked near to Selina to show his biceps, Selina was ecstatic after she saw it, and asked, You are call Ah Liang because you look like Hu Guas son-in-law? (refers to Li Jin Liang). Laughter immediately erupted in the studios, Fan Fan immediately help to mediate saying that actually Ah Liang looks more like Wilber Pan, Selina shook her head and said, I am very familiar with Wilber, you really dont look like him! Ah Liang was really embarrassed; luckily his muscles are fit and got to stay by Selinas side.

The last 3 lucky winners will have a deeper interaction with S.H.E; Selina helped Ah Liang to massage his temple gently, Ah Liang had a blurry smile and it cause Selina to be shy. Hebe interlocked her fingers with Xiao Le who looks like Shawn Yue to act as a pair of loving couples, the both of them dare not look at each other and kept their heads low, this let the other boys jealous. Ella and Wan Zi picked bridal-style carry, Ella who is currently 51kg was afraid that Wan Zi might not be able to handle and was worried. To let Wan Zi successfully carry her, Ella ran from a short distance and jumped into the air, Wan Zi took the chance to carry her, after that it became a sweet scene of a groom carrying his bride.
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[30.9.08]Channel V: Mo Fan Bang Bang Tang - S.H.E challenges new things
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