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 [25.9.08]S.H.E disguises as Radio DJ to present news...

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PostSubject: [25.9.08]S.H.E disguises as Radio DJ to present news...   Fri Sep 26, 2008 10:03 am

[center]S.H.E化身電台主播報新聞 強光刺眼吃螺絲笑場

「FM S.H.E」預購量傲人 S.H.E期待專輯銷售目標十萬張

放送歡樂音樂電波打擊煩惱 歡迎歌迷投稿 由S.H.E為聽眾消困解惑

「FM S.H.E」(http://hichannel.hinet.net/event/fmshe/)昨日正式開播,第11張專輯「FM S.H.E」也正式發行,在重金打造的豪華旋轉DJ台上,S.H.E以電台主播身份現身,身著美麗小禮服的三人,不僅聲音悅耳,身材也讓大家驚豔,可惜播報新聞時輪流吃了幾次螺絲,把嚴肅的新聞報得笑果十足。事後她們忍不住嬌嗔:「舞台正前方的聚光燈太強了啦,讓我們看不清楚稿子。平常錄電台節目時,並不會這樣的嘛。」

距離上一張銷量近十萬的「Play」專輯已經過了1年4個月,即使唱片市場越來越不景氣,但「FM S.H.E」預購量就衝到42000張,令S.H.E又驚又喜。最近流行「破十就裸」,假如「FM S.H.E」銷量超過十萬張,問S.H.E要怎麼「慶祝」?三個小女生頓時苦惱了起來,個性保守的Hebe雖然身材很有料,但平常一向藏的很好,當然不可能脫;最愛衝浪和游泳的Ella搞笑說:「假如沒有人在看,我可能敢穿男生的泳褲游泳耶,只不過我肩膀寬,頭髮又短,從背面看過來,搞不好別人會以為怎麼有個男生在游泳。」


S.H.E 這次要藉著她們的專輯及電台「FM S.H.E」,發送歡樂電波,打擊地球上的煩惱,她們表示,專輯中有許多歌曲,都可以讓聽歌的人感受到希望與快樂,比如由林夕填詞的「我愛煩惱」,就是教大家可以學習不要怕煩惱;萬一失眠,可以聽聽抒情的「月光手扎」來平靜心情;而碰到了失意和失戀的時候,聽著由周杰倫譜曲,Selina填詞的「安靜了」也很適合。三人也在現場清唱了這幾首新歌,優美的合聲讓所有人聽得如癡如醉。


S.H.E 的網路電台「FM S.H.E」每周一至六的晚間9點11分於http://hichannel.hinet.net/event/fmshe/播出,周日下午4點起重播。這幾天抽空錄了好幾集節目的她們,對內容也相當有信心,頻頻呼籲大家要準時收聽,也歡迎歌迷將她們想請娜娜主播、喜碧夫人和熬夜愛拉ㄌㄟDJ的問題投搞到節目中(himevent@gmail.com)。

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PostSubject: Re: [25.9.08]S.H.E disguises as Radio DJ to present news...   Thu Oct 16, 2008 1:58 pm



Note: Please credit wyn0602 of HOPE for translation of article and do not edit any parts of this article. Please quote this translated article (including this note) in its entirety. Thank you for your co-operation.

S.H.E Transformed Into Radio Newcasters
NGs and Laughter From Bright Lights Affecting Sight


Impressive Pre-sale Total of [FM S.H.E]
S.H.Es Anticipated Sales Target Is 100,000 Copies
Emitting Happy Musical Signals against Troubles
Fans Welcome to Submit Work

S.H.E Resolve Problems and Answer Questions For Listeners

Yesterday was the official premier of the webcast for [FM S.H.E]. The 11th album [FM S.H.E] was also officially released. Sitting behind a luxurious revolving DJ station, S.H.E appeared as radio newscasters. The beautifully clad trio, not only were their voices pleasing to the ear, their figures were also startlingly voluptuous. Unfortunately, they took turns having NGs when reading the news and ended up turning the solemn news broadcast into one full of comedic moments. Afterwards, they could not help but to protest: [We could not see the scripts clearly because there were too much bright lights in front of the stage. Normally when we tape radio programs, we would not like that.]

It had been one year and four months since the release of their last album [PLAY] which sold almost 100,000 copies. Even though the market for album sales was increasingly heading towards a recession, but the pre-sale total of [FM S.H.E] had already reached 42,000 copies, which both surprised and thrilled S.H.E. Recently, there was a popular trend of [Going Nude To Celebrate Reaching Ten]. If the sale of [FM S.H.E] reaches beyond 100,000 copies, S.H.E were asked on how would they celebrate? Immediately the trio became distressed. The conservative Hebe although had a very good figure, but she usually hid it very well and so therefore there was no possibility of her taking it all off. Ella, who loved surfing and swimming, said humorously: [If no one is watching, I may dare to swim wearing male swimming trunks. But with my wide shoulders and short hair, viewed from the back, people may think why is there a guy swimming.]

Selina thought deeply for a long time and suddenly came up with this line: [If we broke through 100,000 copies, we will just asked Ethan Ruan and Van Fan to swim in the nude once more.] which had everyone broke out in laughter. Even Hebe and Ella could not refrain from laughing uproariously: [They would most likely thought to themselves, what does that got to do with me? Being dragged into this for no reason.] The topic of swimming in the nude kept continuing. Finally Ella was forced to say frankly: [If the sales reach 100,000 copies and we must go nude, then I would first go and buy up 10,000 copies of the album. On the off chance that it breaks through 100,000 copies, I would return the albums for a refund. This way, the target will not be reached.]

This time, S.H.E wanted to use their album and the radio station [FM S.H.E] to emit happy signals in order to attack troubles on the planet. They indicated that there were many songs in this album that would let the listeners to feel hope and happiness. One example was [I Love Trouble] with lyrics by Lin Xi. This song was to teach everyone to learn not to fear troubles. If suffering from insomnia, one could listen to the relaxing [Moonlight Diary] to calm ones thoughts. When facing with disappointment and broken love relationship, listening to [Silence], composed by Jay Chou and lyrics written by Selina, would also be appropriate. The trio also sang these new songs a capella on the spot. Their beautiful harmonizing completely mesmerized everyone.

While S.H.E was resolving troubles for everyone, what type of troubles would they have? Of the outgoing and optimistic trio, Ella was troubled that she [did not have any time to surf recently], Selina was troubled that [although there was enough sleep but because there were work each day, there had not been any time to go shopping.] As for Hebe, she was troubled that [whenever there were interviews with the media and not knowing how to throw [points] to the reporters and so often felt pressured.] S.H.E with their impressive album sales and unending product endorsements were not affected by the recent stock disaster. It was because their investments were mainly on the conservative side. Selinas was managed by her mother, Hebe used a professional financial expert as her advisor and Ellas second sister was her best strategist. Selina laughed: [My mother usually only gives me good news and never the bad. If there is a gain, she would then tell me. If she did not tell anything, it is probably because there is no gain.] The trio simultaneously indicated that they rarely invested into stocks. They invested mainly in mutual funds. If the stock market was slumping and the interest from the mutual funds was not as profitable as anticipated, they would simply leave it alone and wait for the market to rebound. [It is a safely conservative way of investing.]

S.H.Es online radio [FM S.H.E] will be airing every Monday to Saturday at 9:11 pm at http://hichannel.hinet.net/event/fmshe/ and re-broadcasted starting at 4 pm on Sundays. They took some time out from the last few days to record several episodes already. They were quite confident about the contents and urged everyone to listen to the broadcast on time. They also welcomed fans to submit any questions that they have for Newcaster Nana, Madame XiBi and Late Night Ailale DJ to the program (himevent@gmail.com)
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[25.9.08]S.H.E disguises as Radio DJ to present news...
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