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 [26.9.08]S.H.E crosses legs, relaxes as they are on air

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PostSubject: [26.9.08]S.H.E crosses legs, relaxes as they are on air   Fri Sep 26, 2008 4:36 am

[2008.09.26] [新聞]
S.H.E盤腿摳腳 空中放送

2008.09.26 中華日報



  S.H.E與 im.tv合作的網路電台「 FM S.H.E」,因為是現場直播,所以 S.H.E許多不經意的小動作都被網友一覽無遺,尤其最近越趨散發女人味的 Ella在這樣輕鬆的氣氛下也恢復大剌剌的個性,不僅脫掉鞋子盤腿主持節目,還邊主持邊摳腳,甚至廣告期間整個人躺在 Selina身上,被網友笑稱「三個瘋女人」

 日前在首播的節目中, S.H.E分別替網友們解決人際關係、愛情等問題。第一次主持現場廣播節目,三人鬧出不少笑料。 Hebe在唸網友來信時一直唸得不順,不停被笑說有閱讀障礙; Ella則除了字寫得像小學生一樣外,說起話來還「捲舌不捲舌,傻傻分不清楚」;因接連為小 S、陶子代班而被稱為「最佳孕婦代班人」的 Selina,不虧為三人中主持經驗最豐富的,表現的最有大將之風。而為了這次的廣播節目, S.H.E特別錄製了全新的台呼和片頭,但三人對出來的成品不甚滿意,直呼要回公司重錄。

 除了替網友解決問題, S.H.E也現場 Call out給一位過幾天生日的網友,並送上生日快樂歌預祝她生日快樂, Ella感性表示,其實前幾天正好也是 S.H.E成軍七週年,她收到歌迷一份很感動的禮物,「那份禮物是我們成軍七年來大大小小活動的剪報,看完之後我覺得很高興能夠陪伴歌迷度過這七年,也很感動這七年來歌迷一直陪伴在我們身邊。」

 對於第一次的網路電台主持, S.H.E只給了自己剛好及格的 60分,她們表示,因為當天有影像,所以三人都是針對影像在進行節目與互動,很擔心純粹透過收聽的人會聽的「霧煞煞」,不過 Selina也笑說:「會聽我們節目的應該大多是我們的歌迷,相信他們會懂 S.H.E的幽默。」


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Big Ella's Fans
Big Ella's Fans

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PostSubject: Re: [26.9.08]S.H.E crosses legs, relaxes as they are on air   Wed Oct 15, 2008 1:27 pm



Note: Please credit wyn0602 of HOPE for translation of article and do not edit any parts of this article. Please quote this translated article (including this note) in its entirety. Thank you for your co-operation.

S.H.E Crosses Legs and Scratches Feet While On Air

The webcast [FM S.H.E], a collaboration between S.H.E and im.tv, because it was broadcasted live, therefore many unconscious little movements by S.H.E were seen by netizens. Particularly noticeable was the increasingly feminine Ella who under the relaxed atmosphere, reverted back to her unrestrained personality. Not only did she take her shoes off and sat cross-legged while hosting the program, she even scratched her feet while hosting. During the commercial break, she even laid herself on Selinas lap. Netizens laughingly called them [The three crazy women].

Earlier in the premier broadcast, S.H.E respectively helped netizens solve interpersonal and relationship questions. Hosting a live broadcast program for the first time, the trio created many funny moments. Hebe kept having problems reading messages from netizen smoothly and was teased constantly as having a reading deficiency. Other than having handwriting like a grade school student, Ella was not pronouncing words correctly or clearly when speaking. Of the three, Selina, touted as the [Best Substitute for Pregnant Program Host] because of her substituting duties for Xiao S and Matilda Tao, was the most experienced in hosting and had the best performance. For this broadcast program, S.H.E especially recorded new jingles but the trio was not satisfied with the final products, exclaiming that they need to return to the recording studio to redo it.

Other than solving problems for netizens, S.H.E also call out live to a netizen whose birthday was coming up to sing a birthday song as well as wishing her a happy birthday. Ella sentimentally indicated that actually it was also S.H.Es 7th year anniversary a few days ago. She received a very touching present from the fans. [The present was a collection of news articles of every function we attended in the last 7 years. After reading it, I am so happy to be able to accompany our fans for these seven years. I am also very moved that the fans stayed with us throughout these seven years.]

Regarding this first time out in hosting a webcast, S.H.E only gave themselves a passing score of 60%. They indicated that because it was videotaped, all interactions and content was focused on viewing effects, so they worried that for those who listened to it as a radio program would be [lost in a fog]. But Selina also laughed: [Anyone who would listen to our program would most likely be our fans, so I believe they would understand the humor of S.H.E]
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[26.9.08]S.H.E crosses legs, relaxes as they are on air
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