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 [17.9.08]Singing KTV, Hebe becomes wall flower, Ella changes to harmonising

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PostSubject: [17.9.08]Singing KTV, Hebe becomes wall flower, Ella changes to harmonising   Thu Sep 18, 2008 5:47 am

[2008.09.17] [新聞]
Hebe唱KTV當壁花 Ella變合音

【聯合晚報╱記者郭曉芸/台北報導】 2008.09.17 03:04 pm



昨天S.H.E參加「百萬大歌星」錄影,三個女生共得九萬元獎金,其中Ella獲得最高的五萬元,不過全靠她二姐幫忙。Ella演唱時不少歌迷猛打 pass,製作人一度喊卡中斷錄影,請歌迷不要害她得不到獎金。結果到了「偶像劇女主角」題庫時,她自認一定有她的歌,當場還被主持人哈林吐槽說:「你應該是偶像劇的男主角吧!」歌單出來果真只有楊丞琳、林依晨、王心凌而沒有她,Ella選了林依晨的歌卻唱錯段落,好在她二姐出來提示幫她順利過關,兩人開心擁抱。Ella說:「我二姐超會唱,去KTV都她唱我合音。」


【2008/09/17 聯合晚報】


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Big Ella's Fans
Big Ella's Fans

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PostSubject: Re: [17.9.08]Singing KTV, Hebe becomes wall flower, Ella changes to harmonising   Thu Sep 18, 2008 1:25 pm



Note: Please credit wyn0602 of HOPE for translation of article and do not edit any parts of this article. Please quote this translated article (including this note) in its entirety. Thank you for your co-operation.

When Singing in KTV
Hebe Became A Wallflower
Ella Relegated to Harmonizing


S.H.E, the top female group in Taiwan, had made many songs popular but when it came to singing in a KTV, Ella and Hebe often became bystanders! Ella was frequently relegated to harmonizing and allowing her own sister to lead in singing. Hebes habit was to hide in a corner drinking and listening to others sing. Afterwards when she returned home, she would hide in the bathroom to practice.

Yesterday, S.H.E participated in the taping of [100M Singer]. The three of them received a combined prize of NTW $90K. Of the three, Ella received the biggest prize of NTW $50K but she had to rely on her sister to help. When Ella was singing, numerous fans kept giving her hints. There was a point when the producers had to stop taping and asked the fans not to harm her chances of winning a prize. In the end, when it came to the category of [Female Lead in Dramas], she was certain that her songs would be included. She was even teased on the spot by the host, Harlem Yu: [You mean you are the male lead in the dramas!] When the list of songs appeared, it really only included songs by Rainie Yang, Ariel Lin and Cyndi Wang but not hers. Ella chose a song by Ariel Lin but sang the wrong words. Luckily her sister provided a hint to help her pass that question. Ella said: [My sister can sings really well. Whenever we go to KTV, she sings the lead and I harmonize.]

Hebe who normally looked as if she likes to show off, turned out to be very quiet off-stage. Hebe revealed that whenever she goes to KTV, she usually ended up being a wallflower. She laughed: [Every time I go to KTV, my habit is to hide in a corner, drinking quietly by myself. If there are people who are like me, then we would have fun drinking to each other. I seldom rush to the front and fight for the mic.] When asked where does she practice so many of her songs? Hebe frankly admitted: [I would listen to broadcast or CD at home and then practice singing the songs in the bathroom.]
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[17.9.08]Singing KTV, Hebe becomes wall flower, Ella changes to harmonising
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