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 [8.9.08]Ella is thinking of getting married, Selina admits that she has...

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PostSubject: [8.9.08]Ella is thinking of getting married, Selina admits that she has...   Mon Sep 08, 2008 11:04 pm




Hebe没被爆料感情问题,哥哥田纬均却嫌说:「她真的很吵,小时候觉得妹妹很聒噪!」田纬均说,妹妹无时无刻不在唱歌,国中最常为了她洗澡占用浴室很久而吵架,让Hebe很不想承认。主持人沈春华好奇问:「最长多久?」田纬均说,一小时吧!浴室的莲蓬头都被她唱到快烂掉了,小时候的糗事让 Hebe被众人笑翻。

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New Ella's Fans
New Ella's Fans

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PostSubject: Re: [8.9.08]Ella is thinking of getting married, Selina admits that she has...   Tue Sep 09, 2008 12:04 am

credits: syyang of asianfanatics

Please credit the translator if you will post this to another site. Thanks.

ELLAs Wish to Get Married; Selina's Confession to Matchmaking

As part of their publicity schedule, SHE visited Shen Qiu Hua Life-show. Host Shen Qiu Hua was curious how the trio never had any rumours of breaking up in the past 7 years. She asked, How did you all stay so close to each other, dont you all ever feel competitive? To this, Selina replied, We managed to hide it well! The trio often discusses about love relationships in their personal chats, Shen queried, Would your friendship be affected by love relationships? In response, ELLA said candidly, shocking everyone, No, falling in love with one of us, is equivalent to starting a relationship with all 3. Her bold reply got everyone in the studio to wow aloud. Selina quickly clarified, She meant mentally! It means we would share our feelings, and exchanged thoughts with each other. And everyone heaved a sigh of relief at the clarification.

SHEs family members were also invited onto the programme. Selinas father thanked his daughter for buying a new house for the family. And Selina said, this is clich but still she would be moved to tears.

Shen then asked, I heard that Ren-pa and Ren-ma hope that you would settle down soon, and even arranged matchmaking session for you? Selina replied it was her mothers idea and she would in turn introduce the promising candidates to other friends, for instance to introduce the sunny guy to ELLA, and the handsome one to Hebe. To satisfy her curiosity, Shen asked, What about you then? Selina joked, Of course, I would have made my choice, before introducing them the remaining candidates.

Despite her sunny and cheerful disposition onscreen, ELLA appeared more pessimistic in reality. ELLA said she really mind how others look at her and would tend to show her more sunny side. Shen asked, Which is the criticism you could not stand most? ELLA replied, (The false remark that states) Sex change. I am definitely female.

When asked on what most public figures feared most relationship matters, ELLA was gracious and cool, I wont but my company would feel more harassed. If there is someone I like, I would definitely admit. Probed on what her ideal partner would be like, ELLA replied Mr Right has yet to appear. However her friends let out her secret, Actually she wishes to get married! This caused ELLA to be very shy. Shen then asked, When do you wish to get married? ELLA answered graciously she wish to get married by 30 years old, thus, she needs to work harder now at 27. As to whether she would accept if her ex were to ask for reconciliation, ELLA said, yes! Even if I end up being hurled verbal abuses of asking for trouble. These frank words revealed ELLAs forthright personality.

While Hebes relationship was not being told on, her brother remarked, She is very noisy. Since young, Ive always felt my sister is rowdy! Her brother revealed that she was always singing and they would fight over the use of bathroom while schooling, as she tend to hog the place. Meanwhile, Hebe refused to admit a thing. Shen asked, What is the longest duration? Her brother replied, About an hour! Even the shower head was traumatised and got spoilt because of her singing. Her embarrassing incidents during childhood years got everyone laughing mad.
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[8.9.08]Ella is thinking of getting married, Selina admits that she has...
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