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 [8.9.08]S.H.E becomes the "perfect Miss Universe"

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PostSubject: [8.9.08]S.H.E becomes the "perfect Miss Universe"   Mon Sep 08, 2008 11:02 pm



眾多歌迷所引頸期盼的S.H.E最新專輯即將於9月23日發行,新專輯『我的電台FM S.H.E』也將於9月10日開始預購,新專輯不僅收錄12首新歌,在歌與歌的中間S.H.E分別化身新聞主播、喜碧夫人、熬夜DJ跟歌迷聊時事、感情與音樂,整張專輯以「電台」的模式呈現,因這是S.H.E的第11張專輯,S.H.E的音樂以及聲音已經成為歌迷中生活中不可或缺的一部份,「我的電台」就是要讓歌迷們隨時可以打開S.H.E的頻道分享生活觀。



S.H.E的第11張專輯『我的電台FM S.H.E』即將於9月10日開始預購,預購就送Ella自創的電台台歌及4個版本的台呼,預購活動現場亦可換取即將成立的網路電台節目單。而S.H.E首張專輯就是在7年前的9月11日發行的,9月11日對S.H..E來說相當具有紀念性,今年S.H.E七歲了!因此9月11日的晚上9點11分將與歌迷們一起度過成軍七週年的紀念日party,計畫在9月11日的晚上9:11分時跟歌迷一起大喊「生日快樂!」,為這個特別的日子留下特別的紀念。詳細活動內容請洽華研唱片官網www.him.com.tw。

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Big Ella's Fans
Big Ella's Fans

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PostSubject: Re: [8.9.08]S.H.E becomes the "perfect Miss Universe"   Tue Sep 09, 2008 2:04 pm



S.H.E Transforms into [Super Perfect Miss Universe]
Emphasizes Being True to Own Nature Is More Comfortable
[Miss Universe]S.H.E Displays the Most Vogue Popping Dance Moves
S.H.E Is 7 Years Old
Will Say [Happy Birthday] with Fans at 9:11 pm on 9/11

On September 23, the eagerly anticipated new album from S.H.E will be released. The pre-order for the album [My Station FM S.H.E] will also start on September 10. Not only there will be 12 new songs in the new album, but in the interludes between songs, S.H.E will be transformed into Newscaster, Madame Hebe and Overnight DJ respectively to chat with fans about current affairs, love affairs and music. The whole album will be presented in a [radio program] format. Because this is their 11th album, the music and sounds of S.H.E had became an important part of the lives of their fans. The purpose of [My Station] is to allow the fans to tune into the S.H.E channel and share their views on life at any given time.

The first release from the new album [Miss Universe] contained the following lyrics: [Even if the eyes can not electrify, at least can still tell black from white; even if the legs are not perfectly proportioned, still can create straight footsteps; having 10000 tons of courage is already a champion, having 10000 tons of kindheartedness is already a champion; no matter how beautiful we are in this beauty pageant of life, is still not as comparable as being true to ourselves happily.] The main point is to convey the message that life is not a beauty pageant, do not worry about whether you dont look as good as others and overlooking your own natural beauty and the beauty within your heart. Being kindhearted and courageous is most beautiful. The hope is to encourage the boys and girls who lacked self-confidence in that if one is already #1 if one strives hard to live to the fullest. And if in reality, there is a [Miss Universe] beauty pageant, what special attributes should the champion possess? Selina indicated: [A champion is someone who is optimistic about life and does not get trap into a blind alley over insignificant issues.] Hebe: [One that is environmentally conscious, most kindhearted, most filial and dares to be true and unpretentious will be the champion.] Ella indicated: [Miss Universe is someone who loves the world and at the same time, has ideals and aspirations and can fulfill them with action.]

As S.H.E sang [Miss Universe], the staff also used computer effects to remodel their figures into a [Super Perfect Miss Universe] with super ideal proportions. After looking at the enhanced photos, the trio exclaimed: [Being ourselves are more realistic.] with the emphasis continued to be the importance of natural beauty. S.H.E then indicated: [But what we have originally are also not bad! The important point is that we have good proportions.] They felt having big chest would increase the sense of distance and would be more of a burden when dancing. [Miss Universe] is another electronic dance song since S.H.E released [Beautiful New World], filled with the energetic feeling associated with popping and electronic dance music. Their dance instructor specially choreographed a dance that mixed popping with the vogue moves originated by Madonna after hearing this song, so that the dancing for [Miss Universe] would be filled with a futuristic and fashionable sense. In the MV for [Miss Universe], in order to bring about the feeling of in outer space, the director also specially spent NTW $30K to create a capsule within the spaceship [Universe] so that [Miss Universe] can return to the universe. The day of filming the MV, because the duration of the process was over 20 hours, by the time they were filming the capsule in the early morning hours, S.H.E stood inside the capsule and jokingly called out: [We are almost out of battery and need to return to Mars!] Enabling all the cast and crews to be in high spirits even after working a super long time proved that S.H.E truly and continually emits signals that can cheer people up.

[My Station FM S.H.E], the 11th album from S.H.E will be available for pre-order starting September 10. The pre-order will include a bonus of the station jingle composed by Ella and 4 different versions of station slogan. A program listing for the soon-to-be-launched webcast will also be available at the pre-order activity. The first album of S.H.E was released on September 11 seven years ago. For S.H.E, September 11 is a memorable date. This year, S.H.E is 7 years old! Therefore, at 9:11 pm on September 11, they will be giving a commemorative party to celebrate the last seven years with fans. Their plan is to shout [Happy Birthday] with fans at 9:11 pm on September 11 to commemorate this special day. For details, please contact HIM website www.him.com.tw
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[8.9.08]S.H.E becomes the "perfect Miss Universe"
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