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 [8.9.08]S.H.E increases cup size, pretends to be the female F3...

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PostSubject: [8.9.08]S.H.E increases cup size, pretends to be the female F3...   Mon Sep 08, 2008 7:33 am

S.H.E爆奶喬裝女F3 電腦隆乳好省

2008年09月08日 蘋果日報








Sometimes i really wonder what news i should post and what news i shouldn't post man~ lol~

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Big Ella's Fans
Big Ella's Fans

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PostSubject: Re: [8.9.08]S.H.E increases cup size, pretends to be the female F3...   Mon Sep 08, 2008 12:43 pm

S.H.E Pretended to be Female F3
Saved Money With Breast Enlargement by Computer

[2008.09.08 Apple Daily]

When Ah Xia first caught sight of the way S.H.E looked in the MV of their new song [Miss Universe], she was totally shocked. Because their original C-cup breasts had all ballooned into F-cup breast. Was it because Ella was upset that her rumored boyfriend Baron Chan reconciled with his F-cup ex-girlfriend, so she was mad enough to drag Selina and Hebe along to get breast enhancement to show up this other girl? As a result, Ah Xia was scolded by Ella as being ridiculous and said the big breasts were enhancements added by computer.

Saving Money and Remaining Healthy

No wonder. Ah Xia was wondering since when they were so brave to get breast enhancement done so openly. Typically female star makeovers were [secrets that could not be told]. Everyone knew what went on, that was enough. Later Selina even reminded Ah Xia that in the picture, even their legs were lengthened. Becoming big-breasted and long-legged beauties without going under the knife was really money saving and healthy. Looking at the two [Mulan missiles] on Ellas chest, Ah Xia was thinking that she really has that stacked, never mind Baron Chan, even Wu Chun who supposedly broke her heart, would rather die than to leave her. Ah Xia can guarantee that the number of handsome guys who fell before her two papaya boobs would be impossible to count.


Val, sometimes I also wonder if I should translate anything from Apple Daily, especially anything written by this Ah Xia. Translating her column always leaves a bad taste in my mouth...SIGH~~~
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[8.9.08]S.H.E increases cup size, pretends to be the female F3...
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