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 [03.09.08] Exclusive Interview S.H.E in My Idol Indonesia Edition 68 (translation added)

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PostSubject: [03.09.08] Exclusive Interview S.H.E in My Idol Indonesia Edition 68 (translation added)   Sat Sep 06, 2008 3:32 pm

S.H.E : We are valuing our time together

Around 2005 you had ever gone to Bali for pictorial book, this time you were coming to Jakarta for concert. Both of them for working, do you have a different feeling about that?
E: Thatís right. These time our feeling definitely different because we had never been here, in Jakarta, before. Actually we have a will to come for holiday but we donít have enough time for that. So what we will do next just staying in hotel, that also needs to find a spare time first. Today we were just arriving here so we spent most of the time in our room, so our feeling to Jakarta actually still pretty strange.
H: Thatís right. So perhaps tomorrow we will depend on audienceís reaction for leaving deep impression for us.
E: Yup. right.
H: Because we donít have even just a little time to walk around Jakarta. Tomorrow we have to do the rehearsal, after concert the next morning we have to fly back to Taiwan. We still need to prepare our new album so we need to hurry back to Taipei so we can finish it.

Talking about your new album, your new album in September will be launching. In August and September, Jay Chou and Lee Hom also want to launch their album. How do you girls actually preparing for this competition?
E: Actually we often meet this kind of situation
H: We have been a long time in his industry, so we often meet this kind of situation, so actually it was not a big problem for us. Beside, our genre of music is kinda different.
E: With these also have a positive thing. Fans will have many choices.

Based on the Taiwan industrial music nowadays. an album that sold more than 100 thousands is including in a good achievement. For your new album, do you have a certain target for its selling?
E: (thinking) We are justÖ I think now itís so difficult to measure the target for selling.
S: The economic condition is not really good. Breaking 50 thousands is something that we can celebrate it already.
E: Right, we can sell more than 20 thousands also include in a great selling because of the terrible economic condition.
S: The economic condition made everything worse.
E: We had ever heard from our boss, in the past time 400 million but now canít reach 40 million [I donít know what Ella was talking about here =p], the comparison that so far, so we couldnít think about the selling result. For us, we can do our album with the best that we can, everyone accept our music, thatís already a happiness result for us. We donít care how many albums will be sold, the most important think is whether the music has a significant step or not. What we mean here, if today we release this song and there is a fan that can sing that song even perhaps she couldnít buy the album, but she still can sing that song, that means that song is success. So what we want to do is for giving deep impression and our song is memorable forever.

After a new album, do you have any plan to take a role in idol drama?
E: It should be no (answering quickly)

How about Selina? Because Ella had Hanazakarino Kimitachihe and Hebe had Bull Fighting, when would be time for you to have your own series?
S: Thatís true, Iím still waiting for the right script for me, because I think shooting for a series is so exhausting. Before that, we also ever did series together [Reaching for The Stars]. For me, the process in filming this series was so exhausting. So, Iím waiting a script that I like or a great character for playing. If I have time, perhaps I will try it.

What kind of script that you probably like?
S: Myself also donít know.. hehehehe
H: If she knew, perhaps she would write the script by herself.
E: Thatís why she still waiting and waiting.

If Iím not mistaken, this year is S.H.Eís seventh year in industrial music
E: True. This year is our seventh year.

Your position as female music group still irreplaceable (the question was not finished yet, but Ella already answered it)
E: Thank youÖ Thank you, duuh.. I felt so shy.

Your position also still number one
E: AaahÖ it is not actually (with a funny mimic, and pretending to be shy)

What do you think about this?
E: Our opinion, yaÖ. Perhaps it is the result for our struggle in these 7 years.

A group passed more than five years is not easy ehÖ.

E: Thatís true and its not just because of the hard work from the three of us but also from all people in our company. This is also the result from the developing that our company had done to us. The most important thing is we want to say thank you for continuous supports from our fans in these 7 years. Perhaps some of our fans had family already and had kids, perhaps also the one who from elementary school and now in junior high school, the one who was in senior high school now in college and married. Actually we are growing up together with our fans and so do the opposite. So today we can be like this, we are really grateful for that (saying that in sincere way)

Do you have any mental preparation, just if in 10 years later from now S.H.E no longer popular like now? What do you thin you will do at that time?

E: Actually all this long we always prepare our mental. Since our second album, we were preparing already, what if after second album no one will buy our album? Actually every step that we had done, we passed it carefully. Honestly, if 10 years later we will not have any market again, we will do our own life. Married and give a birth for kidÖ hehehehe, actually that kind of life that I really want.
H: Because this entertainment world perhaps not the entire part of life itself.

E: True, not for the entire of our life time.
H: But now because of our fate still in lucky way, we will use this opportunity well. Doing many things that we want to do, singing a lot of good songs, but if era not let us to stay here, we would not force it. Living a life with loving husband and child also good.
E: I want to build a home in Ming Su, so probably I will live there.
S: I think the same thing like them, but actually we have been prepared for our future. Like me, I interest with presenter world. Perhaps someday if I was not a singer anymore, I will be a presenter.

Perhaps considering as an artist manager? (Selina and Ella pointed to Hebe)
S: If become artist manager, she can (while pointing at Hebe), she ever thought as manager, but thatís just a thought.
E: You become my managerÖ. ha ha ha ha (while teasing Hebe)

As your age growing up, will you stay on this kind of music and image like now?
S: Actually since the last album, we had a lot of changes.
E: But, in our last album [Play], there are many things to be played. Even we are getting older but thatís not mean we have to sing more mature song.
S: S.H.E doesnít have the steady genre of music.
H: Our genre is easy listening songsÖ.hahahaha
E: Ei.. Thatís right lahÖ

Beginning from the competition ďUniversal Potential Beauty Contest 2000Ē, finally S.H.E exist. First, you compete to each other and then become best friends. How do you value this friendship?
E: Since beginning, we are placed as one group. We left our home and stayed together in dormitory. Since that time we build our relationship and more relaxing feeling to be together. Because everytime we are really together, not only at work but also in the outside, so thatís how our friendship started. We are really valuing our time together. We have been through big problems and small problems together.
S: I think we can be one group is really fated. So we are valuing this friendship.
H: For me, both of them are people that important in my life. They are so worth for me. Even if I was not in this world already, forever we would still be best friends. Really, fate like this is difficult to get.
S&E: True (together answering it)

If in the next life, you have an option to choose. Do you like still like this as friends or want to be sisters?
S: Wah.. we had never though before.
E: Let me be your motherÖ hahahaha
S: I think if in this life we are fated to be together, in the past time and in the future, we would never get away from this fate. Later must be people that close again.

Who knows perhaps you like to be sisters:
SHE: It can be.
S: Sisters, boyfriend or perhaps she could be our husband (pointed at Ella). I become the old wife and she [Hebe] becomes the young wifeÖhehehehehe
E: I think, donít care what would happen in our next life, we should be together again. Let the God manage that for us.

Being bestfriends since a long time, is that any bad habit from S.H.E personnel that you want to change?
E: If there is a bad habit, I think I can accept it. Because we are together since a long time and I donít think I can change it.

Perhaps, Hebe had a habit, love to rub her nose before?:
E: Until now, she still have it, as long as she feels her nose comfort, then let it be.
S: I think thatís not a bad habit. Just donít do it in front of a person, thatís all.
H: Actually, thatís the bad habitÖ.
E: I think thatís not. I thinkÖ for herÖ I hope (silent for a moment) she can be better for herself.

That means?
E: Because she thought about other people and often choose to let people win over her. Perhaps, she will use other way to calm down her emotion but all of things that she had done just for other people. Thatís what makes me love her so much also touching. Sometimes I pity her and she looks like in troubles, so I hope she can think about herself more. Donít too much thinking. For her (Selina), she doesnít think about anythingÖ.hehehehe. So nothing to be worry about her.
S: I just think about what I buy and eatÖ.hehehehe
E: Yup, she is just thinking about thoseÖ. hahahaha
S: No noÖ Iím just kiddingÖ.hahahaha
E: She is a girl that make us donít worry. A nice girl. I hope she can get the nice partner.

Everyone knows, your typical guy is different, but you are just human, who knows someday you fall in love in same guy. Nah, what will you do then?
SHE: We will not fall in love on same guy (how do you know for sure?)
E: I think thatís impossible.
H: Yup, I think thatís impossible.
S: I feel gross if we fall in love on a same guyÖ.. hahahaha
E: I think it would be difficult to fall in love on a same guy, please donít let it happen.

I just say ďwhat ifÖĒ hehehehe
S: Just adoring perhaps yes, for example, this guy is handsome or so great, but for falling in love it would be difficult. We are like sisters, if sisters fall in love on same guyÖ I think thatís forbidden.
E: That just happened in movie, but if that really happened, we have to see the one that the guy likes. He has to choose one. If he chooses you (pointed at Selina), I will step back.

Time already at 20.45, the interview for 10 minutes finally over. Because of the limitation of time, interview at that night (31/7) should be over. After interview, S.H.E still need to dinner and doing rehearsal, so the concert will going to be perfect and left the deep impress.

[Caption] Selina: My ideal guy must have height 185 cm and like hero that can protect me. Iím a weak person.

[Caption] Hebe: For me, as long as he is easy to talk to, good looking, understanding, and if canÖ handsome.

[Caption] Ella: My ideal guy is the one that good looking and I can enjoy talk to him. My target of marriage when Iím 28, which means next year. But if next year, still not get the one, at least before 35 will do.

credit: Tika for the news.
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PostSubject: Re: [03.09.08] Exclusive Interview S.H.E in My Idol Indonesia Edition 68 (translation added)   Sat Sep 06, 2008 10:25 pm

ELLA so talkative......... heheheheheh
i like her attitude.
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[03.09.08] Exclusive Interview S.H.E in My Idol Indonesia Edition 68 (translation added)
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