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 [4.9.08]Ella tear while recording a love song relating to a heart break

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PostSubject: [4.9.08]Ella tear while recording a love song relating to a heart break   Thu Sep 04, 2008 6:28 am

新歌唱情傷 Ella淚灑錄音室

2008.09.04 02:26 am






S.H.E延續上一張「PLAY」的精神,專輯還是要玩。這次有電音舞曲「宇宙小姐」,還在歌詞裡耍「賤」,用詞大膽挑戰尺度,將麥可傑克森唱過的「Billie Jean」混入新歌中,直接音譯為「比你賤」,搞笑有趣。但也因為用詞大膽,這首歌不能在大陸發行,大陸版本專輯將只有11首歌。

「我的電台」是S.H.E隔了一年4個月的作品,配合專輯名稱,三人在封面照就裝上「電台頭」。網路電台要等到月底才開播,但Selina獨家透露了一段節目內容,原來有一天她去公司的路上,竟被中年歐吉桑搭訕,不斷用低沉嗓音逼近說:「小姐,妳很香喔。」嚇得她冷汗直流,一進公司就化身聽友「萱萱」, call in給「喜碧夫人」訴苦。

【2008/09/04 聯合報】@ http://udn.com/

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PostSubject: Re: [4.9.08]Ella tear while recording a love song relating to a heart break   Sat Sep 06, 2008 3:48 pm


Ella's affairs of the heart have always been under scrutiny, yesterday it was once again rumoured that there were cracks between her and CCH, she had always replied "just friends" when asked about their relationship, but the new song "沿海公路的出口" in SHE's new album caused her tears to flow.

Coincidentally, it was reported in the press that CCH had reconciled with his former gf Xiong Xiong, CCH seemed all prepared, didn't show much emotions, only simply saying "Oh", regarding Ella, he also didn't have anything to say.

The ballad which made Ella cry "沿海公路的出口", "Exchanging a relationship for a friend, every goodbye cuts a fresh wound", the lyrics matched with the melody, caused her tears to fall in the recording studio. But when asking this "silliest and most naive" girl for whom she was crying, she remained tight-lipped, saying that Wu Zun was from the same company, CCH is a "friend", but when Josh was mentioned she replied animatedly, "He already has a girlfriend, don't talk about us in future anymore."

It is understood that CCH who is regarded as a friend by Ella, would go around asking about one man, that is Wu Zun. CCH is not familiar with Wu Zun, after asking around, knew that Wu Zun was very popular, but even then was not much affected; in all aspects, CCH seemed very self-confident.

CCH and Xiong Xiong had dated for 3 years, it was an on-off relationship, but Xiong Xiong had been beside CCH during many critical periods, he had even brought her to Hong Kong to visit his father (some famous guy) when he was still alive.

credit:fishybizness of CEFC.
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[4.9.08]Ella tear while recording a love song relating to a heart break
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