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 [4.9.08]CCH reconciles with another girl, Ella clarifies

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PostSubject: [4.9.08]CCH reconciles with another girl, Ella clarifies   Thu Sep 04, 2008 6:27 am

[2008.09.04] [新聞] <陳楚河復合大奶妹 Ella撇清不認舊情>[相關共2則]
陳楚河復合大奶妹 Ella撇清不認舊情

2008.09.04 自由時報











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Big Ella's Fans
Big Ella's Fans

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PostSubject: Re: [4.9.08]CCH reconciles with another girl, Ella clarifies   Fri Sep 05, 2008 1:18 pm

Baron Chan Reconciles with Big-Chest Girl
Ella Clarifies and Denies Past Relationship


After Baron Chan became unexpectedly popular with his appearance in [Fated to Love You], his romantic rumors were non-stopping as well. He was just rumored to have a [Clothes-Delivering Relationship] with Ella earlier, yesterday he was reported by a magazine that the two had already split up and reconciled with his old love Xiong Xiong two weeks ago. And Xiong Xiong who went on [I Guess x3] in May, had her nude pictures posted in a blog and she reported that to the police.

Endless Quarreling Led to Separation

From what was understood, Baron Chan and Ella had been involved in a secret relationship. After the delivery incident was exposed, Baron Chan once even indicated to the media that [Ella is a female friend that one can do a lot of things together], but later the two had numerous quarrels and finally split up. According to magazine reports, recently he not only reconciled with Xiong Xiong whom he dated for 2 years, they were almost living together.

Baron Chan Refuse to Respond to Rumors

Baron Chans manager indicated that Baron did not have any response to the resurgence of the rumors. From the POV of a manager, he would not oppose artists having relationships, as long as the other party is not married or someones girlfriend. Having a girlfriend was a common thing; he said that he had not met this girl but when this person went on the news in July, because it involved management companies, he had paid some attention to this news. It was not until yesterday when he read the magazine article that he realized it was the same person.

Ella Treated Baron Chan as One of the Guys

Ellas record company indicated from beginning to end, Ella and Baron Chan were friends only. As for the [Clothes-Delivering Relationship] that was caught on camera by a magazine, it was purely Ella often treated her male friends as one of the guys. Baron Chan was also one of the guys. As for the clothes, she gave it to him only because Ella could not wear it herself and felt that it was suitable for Baron Chan.
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New Ella's Fans
New Ella's Fans

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PostSubject: Re: [4.9.08]CCH reconciles with another girl, Ella clarifies   Fri Sep 05, 2008 7:45 pm

Eh? Why are these media cant just make a good gossip of Ella? Why are they so sarcastic always? They love to hurt Ella's feelings....What a selfish actions...Just to publish some fishy news and get a commendations for their great research and have an update on Ella's private life? It's not just true and these reporters are ALL LIARS....I COULD CHOP THEM INTO PIECES....HU HU HU...I PITY for my deaR ELLA. It's too much....To all reporters...please JUST LEAVE MY ELLA ALONE....give her some piece of mind...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.......let her live in harmony...After all...SHE'S JUST HUMAN, just like you....
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PostSubject: Re: [4.9.08]CCH reconciles with another girl, Ella clarifies   

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[4.9.08]CCH reconciles with another girl, Ella clarifies
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