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 [3.9.08]Ella and CCH "giving clothes" relationship changes..

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PostSubject: [3.9.08]Ella and CCH "giving clothes" relationship changes..   Wed Sep 03, 2008 4:32 am

陳楚河、Ella送衣情 因爆料變調

2008.09.03 02:38 am


陳楚河和Ella的地下戀情陷僵局,自從被狗仔拍到有「送衣情」後,兩人對外互指是對方爆料,所屬公司也很不爽。這樣的不信任,對感情傷害極大。最近 Ella說自己面對愛情時「好傻好天真」,似乎透露情變訊息,而陳楚河也一改先前公開告白的態度,已很少在友人面前提到Ella的名字。


尷尬的是兩邊公司都認為對方藉機炒作,女方覺得男方在炒知名度,男方也認為女方是不是最近要發片了,才會繞著感情話題打轉。據兩人身邊朋友透露,Ella 其實不是陳楚河喜歡的類型,他喜歡的是嬌小又有女人味的,但因為她個性爽朗直率,於是一拍即合。可是當他們被狗仔拍到之後,很多不愉快就此發生,影響了感情純度。



【2008/09/03 聯合報】@ http://udn.com/

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New Ella's Fans
New Ella's Fans

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PostSubject: Re: [3.9.08]Ella and CCH "giving clothes" relationship changes..   Wed Sep 03, 2008 11:17 pm

the translation:

Ella (left), said CHEN Chu River can play together, watching movies friends.
This photo, three of legislation to provide non-newspaper

CHEN Chu River and Ella love deadlock in the underground, have since been photographed Gouzi "send clothing situation," the two foreign爆料each other that is the other side, the companies also不爽. This lack of trust, greatly hurt the feelings. Ella said the last time his face love "Haosha good naive", the message seems to be that situation changed, and CHEN Chu River also changed the attitude of the previous public confession, has rarely mentioned in front of his friends Ella's name.

CHEN Chu River in July to promote the island three legislation "predestined I love you", the first implicitly said: "I can not admit that I was her boyfriend," but could not help praising Ella meet the conditions of his friends, is a "can do together A lot of friends. " But Ella did not respond to the relative, with CHEN Chu stressed that the river is only a meal together, watching movies, playing only a good friend, a bit Qiu CHEN Chu River.

The company is embarrassing on both sides that the other side took the opportunity to speculation that the man in the woman's well-known speculation, that the woman's husband also is not the last to the film, will be around Dazhuan emotional topic. It was revealed that two close friends, Ella CHEN Chu River is not like the type, he likes to have the feminine is petite, but because of her outspoken personality Shuanglang was amenable to the idea. But when they were photographed Gouzi, many unhappy this happened, and affected the feelings of purity.

However, it also provided some different message, that Ella CHEN Chu River in love with the exposure, the argument really happened, but later resumed "good friend" relationship, and more understanding of the situation into the ground floor.

CHEN Chu River scandal object not only Ella, he was photographed with Assistant ZHANG Hui Zhen, a home, just want to respond to it very different. In fact CHEN Chu River very angry, because ZHANG Hui Zhen was being prepared to shoot at the time of marriage, he said: "If the groom does not marry her how to do "two weeks ago, CHEN Chu River ZHANG Hui Zhen specially to attend the wedding, also came to power a speech, praised the bride dressed is a very good job Assistant. But after the wedding, ZHANG Hui Chen was transferred to administrative duties, the Assistant CHEN Chu River also for the people.
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[3.9.08]Ella and CCH "giving clothes" relationship changes..
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