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 [2.9.08]When dating, Ella is the silliest and most naive one

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PostSubject: [2.9.08]When dating, Ella is the silliest and most naive one   Tue Sep 02, 2008 4:05 am

[2008.09.02] [新聞]
Ella談戀愛 最傻最天真

【聯合報╱記者袁世珮/台北報導】 2008.09.02 02:44 am


S.H.E昨天化身電台DJ,將在網路電台「FM S.H.E」裡與歌迷交流,自稱戀愛經驗不多的Hebe要解答愛情的疑難雜症,但她與Selina都直指,三人中「最傻最天真」的是Ella。




三姝很吵、也敢講,從Hebe的低胸裝如何「抓漏」,一路講到Ella敢和Selina及Hebe的爸媽開黃腔,不過這些內容,可能會先被「華研電檢」給過濾掉。新專輯「我的電台FM S.H.E」10日起預購,網路電台月底開播,每天一小時,有預錄、也有現場。

【2008/09/02 聯合報】

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Big Ella's Fans
Big Ella's Fans

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PostSubject: Re: [2.9.08]When dating, Ella is the silliest and most naive one   Tue Sep 02, 2008 1:28 pm



When In Love
Ella Is Most Foolish Most Nave


Yesterday S.H.E transformed into radio DJ who will be interacting with fans through their webcast [FM S.H.E]. Hebe who self-proclaimed a lack of experience in love will be answering and solving all sorts of questions and problems relating to matter of the heart. However both she and Selina pointed out that among the three of them, the most foolish and most nave when in love was Ella.

S.H.E dressed outrageously in coordination with the themes of their respective segments. Selina imitated the newscaster style of Cat Chang and will be discussing current affairs in the program. However when asked her regarding the money-laundering case, she immediately played the fool to avoid answering. Ella will be the late night DJ, so she was dressed in pajamas and will chat about life, dogs and other matters with the fans. Hebes look was the most exaggerated one with bright red lips and low-cut dress. She will be [Madam Hebe] and will discuss questions regarding male-female, male-male and female-female relationships.

Hebe who was romantically linked with Jay Chou as well as with several females said: [It will be scripted by our colleagues. I dont have very much experience and will have to gather my understanding from watching movies and reading books. To put it simply, the most common mistake by men is infidelity and women are usually foolish and nave.] Among S.H.E, which one was foolish and nave? Without thinking, Hebe and Selina said simultaneously: [Ella. She is the most foolish and most nave, nave to the point to being blind, sometimes to the point of being trampled on.]

Ella whose romantic rumors included Jerry Huang, Wu Chun and Josh Chan, in danger of being exposed by her band mates, slapped Selinas hand anxiously. However even she had to admit: [Most of the time, I was foolish as well as nave. I felt this album deeply. It was too much like describing me. I had cried during recording sessions.] If her boyfriend refused to take her phone call or suddenly disappeared, both she and Hebe believed that it was only due to the cellphone out of battery or bad signal reception. In comparison, Selina said: [I love myself more, thus I avoid from being hurt very badly.]

The three women were very noisy as well as outspoken. Topics ranged from how to prevent [wardrobe malfunction] wearing Hebes low cut dress all the way to Ella daring to discuss intimate issues with Selina and Hebes parents. However the contents of the conversation would most likely be filtered out by HIM. The new album [My Radio Station FM S.H.E] will be available for pre-order starting September 10. The webcast will be launched at the end of the month, one hour daily, some would be pre-recorded but there will be live broadcast as well.
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New Ella's Fans
New Ella's Fans

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PostSubject: Re: [2.9.08]When dating, Ella is the silliest and most naive one   Wed Sep 03, 2008 11:11 pm

ella is so cool and cute!
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PostSubject: Re: [2.9.08]When dating, Ella is the silliest and most naive one   

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[2.9.08]When dating, Ella is the silliest and most naive one
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