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 [1.9.08]S.H.E station "starts airing", with image surprising people

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PostSubject: [1.9.08]S.H.E station "starts airing", with image surprising people   Tue Sep 02, 2008 2:56 am

《影音》S.H.E電台「開播」 造型驚死人

2008-09-01 18:20:27

S.H.E全新大碟《我的電台FM S.H.E》即將推出,這回唱片公司發揮創意,以電台概念出發,讓S.H.E變身電台主持人,收錄歌曲也已傳遞快樂音樂給聽眾為主軸來包裝,不過有別於電台主持人總是低調作風,S.H.E故意超高調,甚至還盛裝打扮進棚拍照,Hebe打扮成性感「喜碧夫人」開講兩性關係;Ella扮成熬夜DJ專門服務夜貓族;Selina則扮成張雅琴主播模樣播報新聞,看似有模有樣,不過說話風格不改,依舊語不驚人死不休。


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Big Ella's Fans
Big Ella's Fans

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PostSubject: Re: [1.9.08]S.H.E station "starts airing", with image surprising people   Tue Sep 02, 2008 2:11 pm



FM S.H.E Started Broadcast
New Images Shocked People

[2008.09.01 Efun News]

S.H.Es newest album [My Radio Station FM S.H.E] will soon be launched. This time the record company unleashed its creativity. Expanding the idea of a radio station, they transformed S.H.E into radio program hosts and promoted the idea of bringing happy music to the audience through their songs. However different from the low-keyed style of other radio program hosts, S.H.E was intentionally super high-profiled. They even dressed up to go to a studio for pictures. Hebe dressed up as the sexy [Madame Hebe] to discuss about relationships; Ella dressed up as a late night DJ, catering specially for the night people and Selina imitated the style of Cat Chang to announce the news. Although she looked the part but there were no change in style of the way they talk, still wont stop without shocking everyone.

S.H.E also gave advance notice that there will be a true radio program at the end of the month. They, too, have a dream list of people they wanted to invite to the program. However the media was more curious if they would invite their respective rumored boyfriends to their program for an interview. The well poised trio indicated that they would not reject the idea, as long as schedules permit.
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[1.9.08]S.H.E station "starts airing", with image surprising people
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