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 Rules & Regulations: Please Read!

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PostSubject: Rules & Regulations: Please Read!   Thu Feb 14, 2008 12:14 am

Dear All,

This section is meant for any videos pertaining to Selina or Hebe that you see on screen. All Selina and Hebe media in any form would belong to this section.

Please take note of the following:

1. If all the clips are pertaining to the same activity, but in different versions, please post it all under the same thread.


Hebe Bull Fighting Behind the Scenes: Wan Quan Yu Le News and Yu Le Xian Chang News would all be put under the same thread.

2. Likewise, for any behind the scenes clip, please post it all under the same thread as well

3. If a clip is a private clip, please ask explicit permission from owner before posting it in another place. This is only basic courtesy.

4. Likewise, if you are sharing the links shared by any members here, please indicate that you're sharing it and thank the member for it. Again, this is a form of courtesy.

5. No links for downloads for any song. If you really support Ella, support her LAO POs and all their original work as well. Buy their album. Unless that song is unavailable in an album, only then will it be allowed, but please do it in low quality. Also, previews of their songs can be shared. Just their previews and not the full songs.

6. Links for download for any official media released by HIM Music are not to be shared as well. Again, if you support Ella, support Selina and Hebe and their original works as well.

Example, Hebe or Selina only MVs and concert clips.

7. All forms of media, regardless of whether it is media or song, are only to be for sharing purpose, and not for any commercial value.

Please post in this format for the starting of a new topic

1. In the subject title, indicate what the link is for.

[Online] - Watching the video online. For example, youtube, tudou and etc

[DL] - Link to download a media

2. In the subject title, please indicate clearly if the video is on any of Ella's or S.H.E official work.

[Ad] - Advertisment

[MV]- Music Video

3. In the subject title, please indicate clearly what the clip is about.


Bull Fighting Behind the Scenes Clip

For downloads

4. Please indicate the date that you uploaded the clip. This is especially important since the links may have expiration period.


[DL][17.6.07]S.H.E meet the fans session in SG

6. We would strongly recommend and we would appreciate it if you can include screen captures of the video that you uploaded.

- If possible, state the size of your clip as well.

- Please include a brief description of what your clip contain.

Important to read: Forum Rules

Thank You!

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Rules & Regulations: Please Read!
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