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 Rules & Regulations: Please Read!

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PostSubject: Rules & Regulations: Please Read!   Wed Feb 13, 2008 11:51 pm

Dear All,

This section is specifically for all Selina and Hebe related images.

Please post new pictures in specific threads if the threads has already been opened up.


official pictures

Post all related official pictures in this thread. If the thread is meant for continuation of picture, member who open the thread, please indicate in the thread in red for other members to continue posting and continuously update the title to indicate the last update.

The miscellaneous thread is meant for pictures that you have no idea where the picture is from, or at what event Selina or Hebe was at.

Please post in the following format when posting a new topic

Subject: [Hebe][Selina][Both]Description of pictures


Subject: [Both]Guess Guess Guess recording

What to include in the same post:

1. Original source of picture
2. Credits: Where you took the picture from and the person who scanned or posted the picture

If the topic starter require explicit permission in order for you to post the pictures that she/he posted in here elsewhere, please respect her/him and ask for permission first before transferring it out.

Likewise, all members who share pictures in here, please state in your post if you do not wish for any image of yours to be transferred out of HOPE.

Any members that intends to transfer out pictures from HOPE even with owner's permission, please indicate in the thread that you are going to transfer the picture out of EGFC out of courtesy.

If possible, please upload the picture in your own account of the image host that you are using.

Try to use reputable image host such as Photobucket or ImageShack.



Important to read: Forum Rules

Thank You!

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Rules & Regulations: Please Read!
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