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 Ella, without Josh you still have us!!

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PostSubject: Ella, without Josh you still have us!!   Fri Aug 03, 2007 12:27 am

HI Ella, i dont know whether you will see this message not but anyhow from here i just wish to say something to you by here.

As you know, we here, saying HOT news about YOU with Josh. We know that you already break with Josh, when i know it, i feel happy for it but as a human likes you, i think back probably actually is not what happy things. You also same like us, need cares or loves from someone that we likes. First, im so sorry to say bad things between you and Josh (cause i really did that) and second i wants to tell you that, althought you break or PAUSE between you and Josh, but you will still have us. We here wont BREAK or PAUSE to cares of you. Just remember, we will always be in S.H.E sides forever.

AND so sorry to saying bad things about you and Josh
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Ella, without Josh you still have us!!
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