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 You are the best..ELLA CHEN!!

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PostSubject: You are the best..ELLA CHEN!!   Wed May 23, 2007 3:33 pm

YESSS cheers
you are the best for me. I just likes you. you are our queen and you only my supper IDOLLLL!! i will supports you till i die rabbit

Jia You!! queen
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PostSubject: Re: You are the best..ELLA CHEN!!   Thu May 24, 2007 10:18 am

Uh oh....I'm going to be a little bit mushy here so please bear with me! Laughing
Ella, you mean more to me than a mere idol. Before meeting you, I never knew the definition of loving and supporting someone wholeheartedly. Sure, I liked and supported other artists but truthfully, I have never cared so much for them. In your case, I worry for your health and your happiness every other day that I'm sure I'll grow white hair by the time I turn thirty tongue Hahaha...
You're the reason why I study so hard
Wishing to became a successful person
So I can buy a house and care for my parents just like you
The reason why I'm not afraid to expose and humiliate myself in front of the world
Because you showed me self-honesty is the best
And the reason why I smile so happily everyday
Knowing that you too are living each and every day happily
Smiling along with me
I <3 Ella
Together we will hold you hand and
Forever we will never let go
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PostSubject: Re: You are the best..ELLA CHEN!!   Thu May 24, 2007 10:34 pm

so cute!i wanna leave a msg for ella too!
here i go:
hey ELLA!although im only 14.but i'll support you forever!Very Happy
like what liddoanna said,before knowing you,i always thought supporting artistes were just a waste of time cuz they dont know us and everything.but you made me realise that supporting someone doesnt mean that person has to know you and that it's not a waste of time.cuz everyday i see you smiling and doing well.and of cuz being cute:D i feel really happy and satisfied.at the end of the day,im relieved that i ever known someone like you in my life:D
love loads'07
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PostSubject: Re: You are the best..ELLA CHEN!!   Wed May 30, 2007 3:44 pm

yohoo Ella

had liked you when i first heard the 2nd S.H.E disc ( youth society). i was attracted to the song Rei tai Yu lin ( ur part) i found your voice so unique and different from the other two, and ever since, i had been supporting S.H.E by buying the disc.

And what Charlene and liddoanna say on supporting artiste were just a waste of time cause they don know us well but it is okie to me whenever i see how happy you are in doing this, i would cheer for you.

never ever liked an artiste so much before and it was only you that i had changed the mind set. to me in the past, i would never support or buy any disc. it was only when i first heard ur sing and i was attracted like a bee to a honey that i started falling in love in S.H.E especially you and your unique voice that i felt like i never regret supporting and liking you. it is really worth it!

Jiayou Ella and all the best !
we as fan will continued to give you all the support that you need !
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PostSubject: Re: You are the best..ELLA CHEN!!   Wed Jun 06, 2007 1:54 am

Haha... I had love you since I had watch you acting in Hanakimi...I had dreamt of you often...thinking of you...made me urge myself to be like you... I also had dreams like you... I had then fell in love with you & your Lao Pos.... I had never believed that, I would ever be able to see you soon... I really hope that you will act in somemore comedian shows...I love your cuteness and emotions you put in every show that you do... I see no wonder why every director had made you the main character in every show... you act good...you give your 100% in everything that you do. I'm so glad, I have known someone like you. You always help others... though, you do shed tears in the dark, not letting everyone worry a single bit about you...that's what had hurt me sometimes... I feel hurt when you shed a tear for any issue... I love you, so daring. You, being daring, help lend me confidence in myself. I had become stronger, when I see you. You have lend me strenght, when I see you, I thank you for that. But, I also hate it when people had insulted you... I feel like I'm a tall, fragile glass...being shattered to small pieces, in each insult, a knock is made... as light as a feather touching...it came as a blow to me, I'm like you, strong physically, but weak mentally... I, wish you all the best in your work... smile often! Your smile is very beautiful..It's too bright for everyone to see... It's shining... dazzling... Thank you for everything you've done for us!
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PostSubject: Re: You are the best..ELLA CHEN!!   Mon Jun 18, 2007 2:43 pm

i like u since i've watched magical love...
and NOW im CRAZY about you coz Hanakimi...hehehe
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PostSubject: Re: You are the best..ELLA CHEN!!   Thu Jun 21, 2007 2:30 pm


thank you for being a model to me... after watching you in hana kimi (which i finished not so long ago), i decided to also make myself a better person. i am now determined to lose weight because now i am fat. your character, rui xi, woke me up in reality that i needed to improve myself, push myself, and work really hard and sacrifice for the things i want.

i want to become a better person because of you, thank you for the inspiration. you have influenced me, just like rui xi was influenced by quan.

xiexie ni. jia jia jia you!!!!!
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PostSubject: Re: You are the best..ELLA CHEN!!   Wed Jun 27, 2007 8:37 pm

I don't know and cannot find why I like you and want to support you maybe because of DESTINY Embarassed Hahaha

I first met you when I was in Singapore and watching the HanaKimi.
I was very curious, you are boy or girl. I don't know you before and don't
understand the story because I don't know Chinese but now I am studying Chinese. I really love it. After watching you play only one scene in HanaKimi, I felt very like you then everything's just finished cause I don't know who are you but finally I saw the Magical Love which is now playing in my country. I just yes she is.......she is the girl who I saw on that drama.........then I have completely become your big fans who will support you and S.H.E forever sunny

I love your smile

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PostSubject: Re: You are the best..ELLA CHEN!!   Thu Jun 28, 2007 2:41 pm

ELLA IS THE BEST........!!!!

I really fall in love with you since Hana-Kimi....
Like 'charlene:D' and 'liddoanna',, I thought the same way as they are too....
Before I know you,,, I thought,, supported artists it just like that.... Yeah you know... Waste your time... 'Coz they not even know you.... And whatsoever.....
But when I know you,,, I don't think that supported someone we like is waste our time.... The other way,, I think supported someone we like is make me feel happy, satisfied, and passion of this life....
'Coz we always wanna here the news about you... And always wanna know you more and more and more..... And I never regret to know you....

And now,,, I never thought that knowing you more is waste my time.... Very Happy

So,,, GO ELLA-GO ELLA-GO-GO-GO....!!! Jia you....!!!
We all as your big fans,,, Always will SUPPORT you.... No matter what...
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PostSubject: Re: You are the best..ELLA CHEN!!   Tue Dec 25, 2007 9:34 pm

Dearest Ella,

It's great to see a person who is so dedicated to her friends and family as well as to her work. You are probably the most unpretentious pop star that I know of, and it makes me like you even more.

I must admit that I didn't know of you till Hana-Kimi. You did such a great job on that show, that I decided to get to know you more by watching your other shows as well as listen to all your music.

What I love about you most is how you take such good care of your friends (especially Hebe and Selina). This tells me that you care more for others than yourself....a sign of love and unselfishness. It is very hard to find these traits in other pop stars, so I reckon that this is one of the reasons that you are such a wonderful person.

Besides your "inner" traits, I believe that you have the greatest talent for music and idol-shows. You show your dedication when working and that makes you the best!!

I can see sometimes that you are quite hard on yourself, but I believe that that makes you more dedicated than anyone else in the industry, hence making you one of the best idols in Taiwan.

Keep working hard.....JIA YOU!!

supporting you always =)
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PostSubject: Re: You are the best..ELLA CHEN!!   Thu Feb 07, 2008 9:39 pm

Ella is the best
Oh MY GOd~~~
Ella is so sexy
love her forever
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New Ella's Fans
New Ella's Fans

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PostSubject: Re: You are the best..ELLA CHEN!!   Mon Aug 04, 2008 5:48 am


you are one amazing heavenly creature I've ever seen in the world.

You have a heart of gold.

You think of other people's behalf before your own.

I want to be your friend. Very Happy

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New Ella's Fans
New Ella's Fans

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PostSubject: Re: You are the best..ELLA CHEN!!   Fri Aug 08, 2008 10:23 pm

it's right
Ella is the best
I don' think I will love any girls more than her
may be she dosen't know that she is very very important to us
Chen Jia Hua, you are the best
I love you
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New Ella's Fans
New Ella's Fans

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PostSubject: Re: You are the best..ELLA CHEN!!   Fri Aug 22, 2008 1:52 pm


ni hao ma? ella... ahmm.. wo jiao chaijing..

i wish that you could read my message to you ella..

you're theBEST!!
you're so kind. so loving.. so true...
i know every one will like you... just what i do..

your a great person! your so natural and so unique.. i really woe you.. i never met a person like you that behind her shining career there still her kind heart and true personality.. you're so down to earth...
i really love your personality ella! so true! so natural!

i love you!

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Junior Ella's Fans
Junior Ella's Fans

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PostSubject: Re: You are the best..ELLA CHEN!!   Tue Nov 25, 2008 7:46 pm


Thank you so much for coming to my life!!
You're such a wonderful person...
I hope You read all of our messages for you...
Thank you for being cute & bubbly...
For being yourself...
I admire you for that!

I love your voice!

Thank you for "MAHAL KITA"
You let us feel we Filipino fans are once a part of your music...
Hope you'd visit PHILIPPINES because you have soo many fans here... Smile

Always stay humble and Goodluck on your career!!
WE LOVE YOU!!muax!!^_^
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Junior Ella's Fans
Junior Ella's Fans

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PostSubject: Re: You are the best..ELLA CHEN!!   Sat Dec 20, 2008 7:47 pm

i want to post my message too!
ella,i am your fans in indonesia...
i know,another fans in indonesia isn't too much but...
love you so much...
maybe i am your new fans but i really i really want to be big,big,big ella fans!
i want to do the best for you!
Ella,always "just be your self"like your song okay?
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New Ella's Fans
New Ella's Fans

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PostSubject: Re: You are the best..ELLA CHEN!!   Wed Dec 24, 2008 12:23 am

ok, so I'm going to be as normal as can be here. :] hehe.

For all my life, I've been trying to find a person that would actually care.
I wanted to look for someone who would care about me and others, too.
I've been trying to look for a friend to lean on and to share my thoughts.
Through you, I found those friends I've been looking for.
When I came to know about you and watched your dramas, I started to think about everything about you.
I became worried about your health and everything.
Seeing you sick or hurt, pains me.
I wanted to find someone who would care as much for me.
Who would tell me to take care of myself and to get well soon.
To confide on me when they have problems and let me cheer them up.
To give me importance and worth.
I realized what I wanted when you came into my life.
And because of you, I met them.
We came to know each other because of our love for you.
Then I came to know more people and found the caring you I always see in them.
I thank you for changing my points in life and giving me the friends I never had.
Thank you for everything, Ella.
You don't know how big your impact is on me.
Also because of you, I found the other talents I thought I never had.

You always came different than the others.
I don't know what really is that particular thing in you that made me attached.
I love your personality, your natural beauty and your lovely, unique voice.
I have never seen anyone like you before and that's why I consider you one of a kind.
Maybe it was everything about you that made me love oyu more and more each day.
I hope that I would still continue to see you shine like how I always prayed for it to be.

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PostSubject: Re: You are the best..ELLA CHEN!!   

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You are the best..ELLA CHEN!!
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