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 3 Days 'Leave'

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PostSubject: 3 Days 'Leave'   Tue Jul 03, 2007 3:52 pm

Although it sounded superstitious to fear of a repeat of what happened around this month in year 2004 and 2006, you still ought to have a break if previous experience caused you any phobia of the 7th month.

Furthermore, you have been running around much with Hebe and Selina to promote PLAY album. So, you can also consider this as a form of reward if not a short rest.

As a fan myself, I would support the idea of taking the days off because I do not want to risk you, Ella, exhausting or injuring yourself at work. I am really look forward to seeing you come to Malaysia in December. Love you lots. You are my sunshine! Relax, enjoy yourself but at all times, please be so careful with your body and health. We fans feel very heartache if any mishaps should happen to you.

嗯, 我沒有受中文教育不過會進量式式看. 雖然, 害怕之前兩次在零四年及零六年的七月發生的不辛事件重演,聽起來是有點好像有點迷信. 但,如果ELLA對這經驗會有恐懼感,放假也是應該的.
對我這一位SHE頭號FANZ來說堂然會支持ELLA放假因為我也不想冒險妳太賣力工作弄傷自己或搞到自己太疲勞的.原因是我好期待看到妳十二月來馬. 愛妳的很. 妳是我的陽光. 放鬆, 享受你喜歡的事情吧.不過要小心身體與健康.要不然有什麼不辛的事請發生的話,我和紛絲門會心疼的呢.求老天爺保佑ELLA平安無事.
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3 Days 'Leave'
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