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 Both Jerry and Ella had Insomnia Before First Scene Together

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PostSubject: Both Jerry and Ella had Insomnia Before First Scene Together   Thu May 14, 2009 5:59 pm

Note: Please credit wyn0602 of CEFC for translation of article and do not edit any parts of this article. Please quote this translated article (including this note) in its entirety. Thank you for your co-operation.

Both Jerry and Ella had Insomnia before First Scene Together

Earlier Jerry Yan and Ella had their first scene together for the new GTV drama [Just Want to Depend on You]. Coincidentally, the night before their first scene together, both of them had insomnia. Ella, herself familiar with cures for insomnia, used the spare time between scenes to teach Jerry Yan how to get a good sleep.

This was the first time the two collaborated together. For the first scene together, Ella shared with a laughed: [I was a bit nervous at first because I wanted to laugh whenever I see him (Jerry). Also, what's most nerve-whacking was that I had not acted in any drama for two years and so I am feeling a bit unfamiliar with the whole process.] Ella expressed that when facing a strong opponent such as Jerry, she would also feel more or less nervous. As for the cautious Jerry, he described his feeling towards acting with Ella as: [She is a very simple person that won’t give any pressure to anyone, and so I am feeling very relaxed.] Upon hearing Jerry’s praises, Ella exclaimed happily: [Say some more, say some more.]

This was a scene in which they would go head-to-head on a basketball court. As soon as she saw the ball, Ella happily started to play with it, [Actually I am very nervous doing this scene, because I am a basketball expert but I must portray someone inept at basketball and pretend that I don’t know how to catch the ball. Actually it is all acting, even pretending that I am weak, that actually is also just acting.] In comparison, it was much harder work for Jerry. Not only he must follow the director’s request of kicking up a basketball but he also had to perform a suave slam-dunk. In order to achieve what the director requested perfectly, Jerry had to keep repeating the same moves over and over. Sometimes when he missed the basketball, Ella would tease him mercilessly: [Aiyo, boss, didn’t you appear in {Hot Shot}?] Refusing to give in to the teasing, Jerry would of course try even harder to give a perfect performance.

Regarding Jerry’s basketball skills, Ella shared: [He is not bad at all. I think that he can shoot {Hot Shot} one more time. Because he is handsome, even if the ball did not go in, he still looks very handsome. Of course, sometimes I would make fun of him. That is to encourage him to aim even better.] Jerry’s explanation for his performance was: [I don’t really know how do trick to look good, but I would find various excuses such as the ball was too soft or that it is not round enough.] Just as he said that, Ella immediately teased again: [It is so obvious that you did do trick to look good too.] Because both of them had other work commitments, they wouldn’t be doing scenes together for the time being. However Ella especially instructed Jerry: [You must think of me often, OK?] The drama will also go on location in Hangzhou later.
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Both Jerry and Ella had Insomnia Before First Scene Together
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